Liars Will Lie

from by The Hum

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There were others that were easy to manipulate due to the pressure that such knowledge had given them, and being put in the direction this entities wanted they became their human pawns. Their goal wasn´t to keep the entities hidden (as it would have been everything but a smart move), but to keep their technology as a secret. Technology humans could never imagine, that would allow to alter even the limits of the universe. But not all this humans are sure about their loyalty...



What is this “reality”
You made for yourself?
It´s all an illusion
That your mind creates

The line is far behind
We’re fed up and sick of your
Stupid disguise
Take the mask off, show yourself

Hiding Alibis, Switching Identities
Stop lying to my face
Stop fooling around

Shut your fucking trap, stop the shit
Coming from your mouth
Awake to the real world, we are losing
war motherfucker
Stop playing the Martyr, you´re not a
Fucking victim
You have gone insane, deal with it
And get out of sight

We don´t want you around
You are just a fucking liar

Don´t try to take me down, or you´ll go down with me
I´ll take you down with me

Pathetic waste of space
Useless piece of shit
Martyr to noone
U are just a fraud

You disgrace every single thing
That defines A MAN

You´ve got no morals, your ethics are a joke

You´re just a fucking joke, and the world’s greatest loser

Pathetic waste of space
Useless piece of shit
Martyr to noone
U are just a fraud

I´ll take you down with me


from beLIEve, released December 26, 2016




The Hum Benalmádena, Spain

I hear The Hum...

David Arroyo - Guitars and additional Vocals

James Shannon - Drums

Christian N Walsh - Lead Vocals

William McShepard - Guitars

Martin Shannon - Bass
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