Quantum Distortions

from by The Hum

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When the pieces fall in their place, humankind would be enslaved as workers for the complete exploitment of the Earth. This already happened, many years from now. And from that future, a small resistance (using alien tech) sent a military detachment back to when everything started. But the mission's failed when the detachment is spotted by human pawns. The only exit is to travel back to the future


Soar, then come down

Open your eyes
Take a look around
Hostile surroundings
Slowly, memories come

Sent back in time to decipher where all begun
Destruction of Earth
Pretending to be God, collisions started all


Through the corridors
You can hear no sound
Footsteps, start resounding on the
Grid Floor, find a place
To hide before you are

Mission jeopardized
You´ve been spotted
Plans are compromised
You´ve been caught up

Isolated in a room
Mission´s failed for now
Time to return
Leave no traces

No one will know...

Feel the hit again
Wormhole tearing through

Atomic breakdown, Your matter is divided
Where does conscience go while you´re travelling?
Gazing at the timeline, seems so surreal
Having no body and still you feel
The constant motion,
days going by so fast
You went back

Open your eyes
Take a look around
Hostile surroundings
Slowly, memories come


from beLIEve, released December 26, 2016




The Hum Benalmádena, Spain

I hear The Hum...

David Arroyo - Guitars and additional Vocals

James Shannon - Drums

Christian N Walsh - Lead Vocals

William McShepard - Guitars

Martin Shannon - Bass
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