The Hoax

from by The Hum

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Every published sighting or testimony isn´t a bit of truth coming out to the surface, but a veil of lies mathematically placed to create the social image of this extraterrestrial entities in the conscience of the population. To distract the attention from the true plan, that´s been going on since the first hoax in 1947. The Aliens, in fact, did contact with us long time ago. But instead of contact, we could talk about colonization. A colonization based on infiltration. Wouldn´t it be ideal to deviate population's attention, keeping them aware of an upcoming invasion, while said invasion it´s already been taking place through subtle infiltration on the higher sphere's?


A quiet night of July, 1947
A flash across the sky, followed by a crash

(Many) civilians saw a ship, And 4 small bodies
The highest powers made sure There were no ties unbound,
Using (the) policy of lie, fear and ignorance,
They make us think that everything is ok,
But it’s not

Clueless, we were taught to be
Force-fed with manipulation to join the flock of sheeps

We caught their attention with our nuclear tests
They decided to make a move on us (due) to our weakness as a specie
Prepared the invasion, infiltrated us, our governments,
And now they pull the strings

Clueless, we were taught to be
Force-fed with manipulation to join the flock of sheeps

The bearers of the Truth were silenced,
Men in black extorting,
Payed for their silence, poisoned their testimonies
Weaving the thread of the great conspiracy

I just want to believe, that everything they say is true,
But I can see deception in their acts, and
I just want to believe that
Our end is just a conspiracy

Fed with lies or half-truths, we are mislead
Not acknowledging our coming end

I just want to believe
But the Truth is out there
I just want to believe
That everything's Ok


from beLIEve, released December 26, 2016




The Hum Benalmádena, Spain

I hear The Hum...

David Arroyo - Guitars and additional Vocals

James Shannon - Drums

Christian N Walsh - Lead Vocals

William McShepard - Guitars

Martin Shannon - Bass
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